Sunday, February 1, 2015

How To Bet On Horses And Win

Kentucky Derby Online Betting Tips

The first Saturday in May is the biggest horse racing event of the year. The best three year old equines are pitted against each other to see who has the ability to go the distance of a mile and a quarter while outlasting twenty or more rivals. Many of the contenders have never run this far and have never faced such a large field of horses. This puzzle presents you the bettor with a challenge but also a huge opportunity to watch and wager online for a financial windfall. Let's explore some of the possibilities for picking a Kentucky Derby long shot and hopefully walk away with a large amount of cash.

 Make Money Betting Horses

To make a profit wagering on horse racing first we have to understand the betting process and the best wagers to make to make cash. here are some of the betting options available to the public.
  • Win Bet---Betting a horse to win gets you the highest payout for a straight bet. Example: A $20 win bet on a horse that is 4 to 1 will pay $100.
  • Place Bet---Betting a horse to place means the horse can come in first or second. The place payout is determined by the pool.
  • Show Bet---Betting a horse to show means he or she can come in first, second or third. The payout is again determined by the pool. 
  • Exacta--- To win and exacta bet you must have the horses in in first and second place. There are options to "box" or 'key" horses to increase your chance of winning,but the more horses you choose the more expensive your bet becomes.
  • Trifecta---You must have the first three horses in order to win. You can box and key horses to help your chances of a payout.
  • Superfecta--- Bettors must choose the top four horses in order to cash this bet.
  • High 5--- This is having the first five horses in order. Probably one the hardest and also the most expensive wagers to win. The payoffs however are huge!
So what is the best and most profitable way to use online horse wagering to line your pockets? There are betting systems, strategies, and even software available to help handicappers make their picks for the Kentucky Derby and other races. Some people just like the name of the horse, their favorite jockey or trainer, or a horse from their local racetrack. There is pedigree handicapping, trip handicapping, speed figures, jockey/trainer combinations, and a multitude of other factors. It comes down to the bettors budget, comfort level, and risk mentality. When I have been asked how to bet on horses, I tell people to take a hundred dollar bill and throw it in the waste basket, then walk away. If you can do this you can take some risks and be satisfied with your choices.

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